Frequently Asked Questions

We will go all the way to 20’ but there would be labor/equipment charge.

Yes, we can, please call us at 866-730-9865 for more information.

We offer 15 different color options that you can choose from at no additional price. Wainscot/Colonial on vertical siding units WILL have an additional price.

Our buildings are all leakproof. However, we highly suggest our A-Frame Vertical roof when it comes to 31’ buildings and longer, which can stop potential leaks in the long term. Also, having the concrete slab the same size as the base is another way to prevent leaks from the base rail. In this situation, we will have to include “L-Brackets.”

Yes, it can. However, keep in mind that adding a porch will take away from the storage’s length since it’s built within the building.

You will have to contact your local building department.

No. But we have Agricultural barns.

Yes, with pre-requisites. We will need the additional information below. 1. Is the boat dock a floating dock? or a dock that is connected to the lake bed? or the side of the lake? 2. We will need pictures of the boat dock and surrounding area. 3. We will need pictures of the pathway to the boat dock. Once we have this information we can check to see if we can approve the request. PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL LABOR FEES DUE TO LIABILITY ISSUES AND THE INSTALLERS SAFETY.

Standard buildings are assembled in around an hour. Although, depending on the size and type of construction, it can take up to two days.

Delivery usually takes 2-6 weeks in most areas. For an updated time frame for your local area, please give us a call. All shipping dates are estimated and calculated on American Carports system from the order’s date of entry.

As level as possible, but we can work around 2-3 inches max.

Width x Length x Height (i.e., 18 x 21 x 6) Length dimensions are measured by the metal roof with an overhang of 6” at each end. Therefore, the bottom base rail is one foot shorter than the roof. The width is measured from outside to outside of the base rail.

20’ high

The pitch on the roof is 3:12, but the pitch can always be customized to fit your needs.

All orders are COD (cash on delivery). We accept personal or cashier’s checks, money order, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Once an order is placed and the 10% down payment is received, you are eligible for a set of engineered certified plans that will give you the recommendation for your concrete pad.

3-foot temporary pin anchors ground and clay or asphalt installation (not responsible if you choose pin anchors only). Double helix mobile home anchors for ground and clay installation only (extra cost). Concrete anchors for concrete installation only (included).

Vertical roof minimizes debris and anything sitting on the roof.